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Kappris v1.x Installation (LEG…»Installing Additional Features
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Installing Additional Features

As a rule the Kappris installation will install everything automatically or will offer to install additional features via the installer user interface and/or command line options. However, when new features are available but not yet built into the Kappris installer, they may be found here.

iManage Integration - Kappris 1.8.1+ only


Recognise iManage file references in print job names and change them to display the iManage Description and/or other iManage profile values


{PF86}\Kutana\Kappris should include the following four files:

  • IWDMSLookup.dll - Looks up document references for currently-open documents. This does not include files opened momentarily by iManage to print from its menus.
  • Interop.IManage.dll - allows Kappris' .NET code to access iManage COM classes
  • Interop.IMANEXTLib.dll - allows Kappris' .NET code to access iManage COM classes
  • KapprisIWPrint.dll - Called from iManage WorkSite menus, uses Kappris file print rather than standard iManage file print.

Note: IWDMSLookup.dll is already installed by the standard Kappris installer. Kappris only uses this if configured to do so. The remaining three files are not installed by the standard Kappris installer.


  1. Download
  2. Unzip the contents into C:\{PF86}\Kutana\Kappris
  3. Register C:\{PF86}\Kutana\Kappris\KapprisIWPrint.dll using REGASM.EXE with /CODEBASE /TLB switches
  4. Edit Registry keys as follows:
    • 32-bit Windows - HKLM\SOFTWARE\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0\
    • 64-bit Windows - HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Interwoven\WorkSite\8.0
      1. DeskSite\Commands\Menus\Document\Commands
      2. FileSite\Commands\Document\Commands
  5. In each case replace the iManage print command, iManExt.PrintCmd, with the Kappris iManage print command, KapprisIWPrint.KPrintCommand.


Integration with iManage menus will only work with Kappris if  the Kappris printer is the Windows default printer.