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Kappris for SysAdmins

Working with Kutana

Software Maintenance, Support and Consultancy

Kappris Implementation Process

System Administration

Creating a Ghostscript PDF Printer

Local vs network share configuration

Setting up Users' Printer Lists

Kappris Installation

Kappris v2.x

Kappris PDF Editor

Kappris Signing and External Signing

Kappris WebViewer

Kappris WebViewer Client


Installation Best Practice

Installing the Certificate Chain for Kappris

Kappris Documentation

Quick Reference Guides

Other Kappris Topics

64 vs 32-bit Implications

Binding Margins

Capturing print jobs for analysis

Caxton Scripting with .NET

Citrix Configuration

Copitrak and Kappris

Creating a KeyGen license for Kappris

Creating a Print Mode for 1st Page Simplex, Others Duplex

Creating Signature Images for use with Kappris Signing

Default Print Mode based on Group Membership

Deleting Data - LegalEsign

Editing the Registry for a Single User in Citrix or Similar Environment

Electronic Stationery

Excluded Printers

Exporting Users from Azure AD using Powershell

Export/Import an SSL certificate

Kappris Co-Operators Configuration

Kappris Configuration using kpmgr

Kappris GPD Replacement

Kappris Licensing Instructions

Kappris Licensing with KEYGEN

Kappris Printer Driver Default Paper Configuration

Kappris Signing Client Configuration

Kappris Signing with Workflows

Kappris Signing with an SQL database

Kappris Signing with Azure Database

Kappris Signing Server Setup

Kappris WebViewer Demo Install

Kappris WebViewer and Client Install

Kappris WebViewer KapprisFiler install

Kappris WebViewer Send from iManage

Kappris WebViewer Azure Logs

KeyGen API Connectivity Testing

Label Printing with Kappris

License Logging

License Reporter

Logging Print Jobs

Making Changes to Printer Connections

Making a signature transparent with GIMP

Moving the Kappris Central Configuration

Office 2003/2007 Integration

Office 2010/2013 Integration

Offline Working with Kappris

Print Modes for Word, Outlook and other applications

Printing Outlook attachments using the associated application

PrintSequencer - Machine Spec

PrintSequencer - Installation and Release Notes

PrintSequencer - Developing DMS plugins

Replicating CFF for Multiple Offices

Scaling Pages

Separator Pages with Kappris

Setting User's Defaults for an Application in Application Integration

Speed up Kappris printing using Printer Pooling

TonerSaver Installation

TonerSaver Configuration

Using a flexible path to an ini file for a merge code

Using ConsoleApp to troubleshoot Outlook errors

Using ProcMon

Using Special Features (stapling, hole-punching etc)


Windows 8

Working with Unknown Printers

Working with Word Integration

WorkSite Integration

XML Schemas used by Kappris

Kappris Errors

Installation Error - 2753

Installation error after changing CCF

Jobs stuck in Kappris queue due to Compatibility Mode

"Kappris cannot find any usable Print Modes for you"

Kappris Signing Errors

Outlook always tries to print attachments even when none are selected

Outlook emails print from the wrong tray

Printout goes to the wrong printer

Publisher file fails to print in Win10

"The operation completed successfully"

TLS/SSL error with PE co-operator

Uninstall does not clean up the program folder

"Word/Outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'kapprisofficeintegration' add-in."

Kappris Release Notes

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Kappris Features

Version 2.5

Version 2.4

Version 2.3

Version 2.2

Release Numbering Scheme