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Kappris Implementation Process
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Kappris Implementation Process


The process consists of four phases:

  • Pre-Installation Checks
  • Test Installation
  • Pilot Implementation
  • Go Live

As far as possible we will keep records of what has been done, when and where. We will take copies of your Kappris configuration at various points in the process so we can be clear on  how your printing environment is set up.

NB Kappris is client-only software. There is no server element to Kappris. The only item you will almost certainly want to place on a server share is Kappris' central configuration, which will typically be less than 150Kb in size.

If you would like to know a bit more about Kappris before installation, please download Kappris Simplified Architecture.pdf

Pre-Installation Checks

  • If you are currently having problems with any of your printers/printer drivers, now would be a good time to clean up. Delete unwanted printer drivers and, as far as possible, make sure you are on recent releases of your drivers.
  • Download and complete our Your Environment V1.0.docxdocument.
  • Please also complete our Kappris Configuration Notes V2.xlsx spreadsheet. It will make you think about how your firm likes to print and help assess how you might want to print if given an easy way to do so.
  • Send your completed document and spreadsheet as email attachments to
  • A brief email discussion may follow if there is anything we need to follow up in the document.

Test Installation

On the day of installation

  • A Kappris Support Analyst (KSA) will attend on a mutually convenient day. This will either be on site at your offices or via remote access.
  • KSA will install Kappris on ONE PC with up to THREE different types of printer. IMPORTANT: this PC must be a clean build that can print successfully from Word, Outlook and Notepad to each of the three printers.
  • KSA will license Kappris for one month unless agreed otherwise.
  • KSA will configure Print Modes for Plain Simplex, Plain Duplex, Draft, Letter + Copy and Letter (duplicate) as well as up to FOUR more that you might like to try out.
  • KSA will instruct you in Kappris Configuration and Testing. Advanced features (Merge Codes, Key Macros, Data Exports and Kappris Scripting) will not be covered at this stage.
  • KSA will work with you to test the configuration and show that it prints correctly from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel (each with their own Kappris print dialogs) and up to FOUR other Windows applications (using their own print dialogs). Adobe Reader and Microsoft Internet Explorer are some typical applications chosen for this purpose, as well as reporting facilities from your Practice Management/Accounting system.
  • KSA will configure two types of Electronic Stationery where applicable and give instruction in how to create further examples.
  • Developer integration facilities will NOT be covered.

Over the next few days

  • PLAY with Kappris.
  • Add more printer profiles
  • Note down your queries and have a remote session with us so we can deal with them visually.
  • During the testing period, communicate with your IT steering groups and users to determine the features they would like made available within the new printing environment. We are not saying we can do them all but Kappris has amazing depth in its capabilities so it may well be possible to provide even the more bizarre printing features you come up with.

Pilot Installation


  • Identify your pilot users and the machine/machines you want to install on. We recommend up to 20 users either on standard workstations or on a single Citrix/Terminal Server machine. Please do not make your pilot group comprise people from lots of different areas of the firm; this will make it very hard to troubleshoot if there are any issues. Choose a group who are likely to do a lot of printing to fully test all the features (avoid your IT department for this reason).
  • A KSA will work with you on site or via a remote login to configure your pilot environment on the test machine, including extra print modes and features as identified during the test phase.


  • KSA will make the Kappris configuration centrally available so it can be used by any number of users.
  • KSA will also assist in constructing an installation script for easier implementation on other machines.
  • KSA will provide a licence key for a one-month pilot unless agreed otherwise.
  • KSA will assist in implementation for TWO users on ONE Citrix machine or TWO Windows workstations. Further implementation should be handled by you.
  • Contact Kutana if you have any trouble rolling out to your pilot users so that, together, we can make any changes necessary to ensure a smooth Go-Live roll-out.
  • IMPORTANT: Please keep Kutana up-to-date regarding any configuration changes you make.

Go Live

  • A well-executed pilot ensures a smooth Go-Live.
  • Go-Live can usually be done fairly easily by bringing in small user groups on a regular basis over a few days.
  • Kutana can provide assistance with Go-Live but, if the pilot has been well thought out and issues have been dealt with, you are unlikely to need us.
  • Please inform us of your Go-Live date so we can ensure someone will be quickly available if you need us to help out.
  • Kutana will supply a full licence key for the agreed licence period.