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Kappris How-tos

Application Integration Settings

How to make settings for applications other than those integrated natively.

Command Line Switches for Kappris Extensions and Combined MSI Installer

How to automatically select installation options from the command line.

Re-Ordering Printers

How to make sure Kappris selects the best printer for a user.

Setting Up Paper Trays

How to assign a paper type to the correct tray on your printers

Selecting Applications Controlled by Kappris

How to enable and disable Kappris support for different Microsoft Office applications.

Setting up Forms and Labels in Kappris

How to configure a form or label for printing

EG how to set up a Dymo label

Setting up the Worksite Doc Name Lookup

How to configure config.ini so that the doc name from Worksite is replaced with Client . Matter Description