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Kappris 2.3 Features
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Kappris 2.3 Features

Printing pages from Outlook.

You are now able to choose pages or a page range when printing from Outlook as well as the existing email parts selection:


Selecting particular pages for an imprint.

In Word you can now choose a selection of pages to be printed in a particular imprint.

For example if you had a document with a cover letter, invoice and remittance advice you may want to print the whole document on headed paper for the client with a separate copy of the invoice on its own on plain paper as a file copy.


Saving Signed PDFs into NetDocs.



Kappris Workflow System

This allows Kappris to run external workflows to enable multi-step procedures such as signing a document and attaching to an email ready to send for example.

These can then be assigned to a Kappris Print Mode and even activated from a button in the Word ribbon.

Some examples are shown below:

Workflows can be designed to order and are not limited to those shown above. They can also be started from within other applications by printing to the Kappris XPS printer.
Other DMS systems are also supported.

Offline Working

By working with a local copy of the Kappris configuration, we can allow a user to continue to use the software when not connected to the network. This is a seamless transition and means that the user is presented with a consistent interface whether they are at work or on the move.

Any changes to the central configuration will be copied locally when the user connects back to the network again.

Unknown Printers

Kappris can now recognise printers even when they do not have a Printer Profile configured in KPMGR.

This allows basic functionality (colour/mono and simplex/duplex) for a printer that a user may connect while at home for example.

Printer Pooling

We now allow multiple ports for the Kappris XPS printer. This means faster processing of multiple documents.

Release Notes

Kappris 2.2 Features