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Kappris 2.1 Features
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Kappris 2.1 Features


Just-in-Time (JIT) Processing

Although this is a feature of Kappris as a whole, it is primarily noticeable in printing from Outlook.

Essentially only emails will be printed directly from Outlook to Kappris. Any attachments that are selected to print are merely saved into a temporary area and processed when it is their turn to be printed out.

This means that, as soon as Outlook has sent the actual emails to print and any required attachments have been saved for later processing, the user will be free to use Outlook again.

Additional benefits:

  • Ensures that Kappris printout of any kind enters the destination print queue strictly in the order in which it was submitted to print.
  • Memory usage by the Kappris Outlook add-in is significantly reduced.
  • JIT processing takes advantage of 64-bit processing


Mail item part selection

It is now possible to print any individual part of the email chain within a mail item.

In the above scenario:

  • The mail item has 3 parts in the chain
  • Currently Kappris is set to print out only parts 1 and 2, ie the first two emails in the 3-part chain
  • If the Parts text box were set to:
    • 1 printout would comprise only the first part
    • 2 printout would comprise only the second part
    • 1,3 printout would comprise only the 1st and 3rd parts
    • 1-3 printout would comprise all 3 parts. NB this can also be achieved by setting the Email Part(s) drop-down to Include all parts instead of Print selected parts

Mail item part preview

In order to assist with selection of the correct email parts, Kappris 2.1 also includes a mail preview function, from which single or multiple email parts may be selected. This feature is accessed by clicking Select parts to print on the Email Part(s) drop-down.


Click, ctrl+click and shift+click may all be used to select ranges of parts.

Hover the mouse over any "thumbnail" part in the left pane and an enlarged view will display in the right hand pane.

On clicking Ok the specified range of parts will be entered into the Part text box (see Mail item part selection, above)