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InTune Installation
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Last modified on 1/25/2024 2:35 PM by User.


InTune Installation

Many of our clients have successfully used InTune to deploy our software across their network.

The best example we came across was when used in conjunction with the PSAppDeployToolkit from

This allows you to create a script for all the installation tasks including pre and post installation jobs such as installing prerequisites, certificates and copying config files.

All the files (msi, config, certificates etc) are saved within a folder structure and this can then be packaged up and deployed using InTune.

An example script is here - Deploy-Application.ps1

Please email if you would like a copy of the pre-prepared folder structure.

This allows some interaction with users, allowing them to save work and close apps before the installation begins.

The below shows the part of the script which installs prerequisites, certificate and Kappris Print before copying the config.ini file to the correct location.

        #    ===============================
        #        Kappris Install - Start
        #    ===============================
        # Install prerequisites

        Execute-Process -Path 'vcredist_x86.exe' -Parameters '/quiet'
        Execute-Process -Path 'vcredist_x64.exe' -Parameters '/quiet'

        # Print Spooler
        $serviceName = "Spooler"
        Set-Service -Name $serviceName -StartupType Automatic
        Start-Service -Name $serviceName

        # Terminate Processes
        Get-Process -Name dllhost | Stop-Process -Force
        Get-Process -Name splwow64 | Stop-Process -Force
        Get-Process -Name KapprisMonitor | Stop-Process -Force
        Get-Process -Name Explorer | Stop-Process -Force
        Get-Process -Name CALAHAN | Stop-Process -Force

        # Stop Print Spooler
        Stop-Service -Name Spooler -Force

        # Start Print Spooler
        Start-Service -Name Spooler

        # Install Certificates
        Import-Certificate -FilePath "$dirFiles\kutana-PUBLIC.cer" -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\TrustedPublisher
        Import-Certificate -FilePath "$dirFiles\kutana-RSA.cer" -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\TrustedPublisher

        # Install Kappris Print for x64
        Execute-MSI -Action 'Install' -Path 'Kappris.x64.' -Parameters '/qn'

        #    ===============================
        #        Kappris Install - End
        #    ===============================

        #    ===============================
        #       Copy Files - Start
        #    ===============================
        # Copy Brochet/Kappris template and .ini files
        # Copy-Item -Path "$dirFiles\Copy\*" -Destination "C:\" -Recurse -Force

        # Copy Kappris "config.ini"
        Copy-Item -Path "$dirFiles\config.ini" -Destination 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Kutana\Kappris' -Recurse -Force
        #    ===============================
        #       Copy Files - End
        #    ===============================


        [String]$installPhase = 'Post-Installation'

        Show-InstallationPrompt -Message "Intallation Complete" -ButtonMiddleText 'Ok'