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Kappris 2.5 Features
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Last modified on 2/25/2022 11:09 AM by User.


Kappris 2.5 Features

Addition of Kappris Co-operators to allow send to various external systems:

  • iManage Work10
  • Liberate
  • NetDocs
  • Practice Evolve
  • Proclaim
  • SOS

Addition of External Signing feature.

We can now interface with LegalEsign and DocuSign:

  • Enable the addition of Signer, Full Name, Date and Signer Text fields  for multiple external parties in the PDF viewer.
  • Automatically send the document into the LegalEsign or DocuSign process for completion without the user needing access to the respective online portal.

Release Notes

Kappris 2.4 Features