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v2.3.5.15699»Kappris 2.4 Features
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Kappris 2.4 Features

Signing and adding text to PDFs

Open your PDF with Adobe Reader (or equivalent)

Click File – Print and choose the Kappris XPS printer. Click Properties and choose a Signing Print Mode

Click Print and a new version of the PDF appears in the Kappris Sign and Stamp viewer with a list of signatures and/or stamps that you are authorised to use

You can now drag one of these on to the document

If there is a stamp available you can drag that on to the document and add a signature on top – shown here with an example invoice:

Clicking the T in the top left corner allows you to add a text box and text within

Clicking Close allows the workflow to continue and a new annotated PDF is created attached to an email (depending on the Print Mode chosen)

Workflows can be customised to your needs, some example Print Modes are shown below

Release Notes

Kappris 2.3 Features