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Release Numbering Scheme
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Last modified on 9/16/2013 4:48 PM by User.


Release Numbering Scheme

We attach significance to each element of the four-element Kappris release number, A.B.C.D.

If A changes it denotes a significant rewrite. This is the MAJOR VERSION

If B changes it denotes one or more new or enhanced features or a group of features. This is the MINOR VERSION

If C changes it denotes one or more bug fixes or patches. This is the BUILD

D remains the head version number for the trunk or branch within Kutana's version control system. This is the REVISION NUMBER

Customers need only be concerned with MAJOR, MINOR and BUILD. The REVISION is purely there to pinpoint the exact source code files that make up the release.

Before 1st September 2013, Kutana would release new BUILDs even when the software contained enhancements. As a result we appeared to be releasing far more bug fixes than was actually the case.

As of 1st September 2013, Kutana will adhere to the scheme described above.

Examples: is the first build of version number 1.2 and it is revision 2378 in Kutana's version control system has the same functionality as 1.2.1 but contains some bug fixes. We can find all the relevant source code using the revision number 2389 is the first build of version number 1.3 and has some extra features above those in 1.2. This is why the minor version has been incremented is the first build of version number 2.0. It has had significant enhancements, perhaps with some elements rewritten. This is why the major version has been incremented

In all cases the REVISION uniquely identifies the source code files required to make up the release.