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64 vs 32-bit Implications
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Last modified on 6/15/2015 9:34 AM by User.


64 vs 32-bit Implications

NB From Kappris version 1.7.12, there are no longer any issues with picking up the application name when the application is 32-bit, running on 64-bit Windows.


Kappris is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 32-bit Windows can run nothing but 32-bit applications, however 64-bit Windows can run either 64 or 32-bit applications. Because of this Kappris always behaves as expected in its 32-bit version. This page covers some of the implications of running 64-bit Kappris.

Microsoft Office Support

Kappris supports the use of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word by providing bespoke print dialogs for both applications. However only 32-bit versions of Office are supported in this way. Kutana anticipates providing support for 64-bit versions of Office by Spring 2016.

32-bit Application Integration

Kappris's application integration feature relies on the Kappris Printer Driver being able to recognise the application that is trying to print. When a 32-bit application tries to print on a 64-bit Windows platform, Windows has to insert a process between the 32-bit application and the 64-bit Windows spooler. This process is SPLWOW64.exe and when it is in operation, Kappris cannot determine which 32-bit application is actually trying to print. All Kappris can "see" is SPLWOW64.exe.

Microsoft has not yet provided a satisfactory way for Kappris to determine the 32-bit application that is printing in the 64-bit environment.

When a 64-bit application prints, Kappris can recognise the application as easily as it recognises 32-bit applications on a 32-bit machine.