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Capturing print jobs for analysis


From time to time, either because you are investigating a problem or because you are planning to manipulate Kappris printout, you may want to capture the temp files used by Kappris.

The temp files appear in the Kappris Temp Folder.

As a rule the Kappris Temp Folder will be kept clear by Kappris itself. If you find that files/folders are tending to remain in this folder then either:

  • Kappris is not working properly or
  • Kappris has been told to keep its temp files

Neither of these is desirable for every day printing.


Kappris works primarily with the user's TEMP folder or at least part of its path. To go to a user's TEMP folder when logged on as that user, type %temp% into Windows' Run command or into the Windows Explorer path. It will then be expanded to the actual TEMP folder being used by that user. Typically it looks something like this:


The trailing number is what is known as the "session" folder. Kappris will always ignore this and use the containing folder instead, eg:


Kappris creates a work folder here called "Kappris", giving a full path to the Kappris Temp Folder of:


Every print job processed by Kappris will temporarily store files in this folder.

Capturing a print job or jobs

Setting Kappris to keep temp files

Edit config.ini and set the following option:

Caxton Always Keep=True

There are other "debug" options but this is the only one you need to set.

Don't forget to save the file.

Setting Kappris to delete temp files

Edit config.ini again and either delete the debug entry, set it to false or put "#" at the beginning of the line.

Don't forget to save the file.

How to capture

  • Delete the Kappris Temp Folder. Kappris will recreate it when it needs it;
  • Set Kappris to keep temp files;
  • Use Kappris to print the job you want to capture;
  • Set Kappris to delete temp files;
  • Zip up any numbered folders in the Kappris Temp Folder;
  • Send the zipped folders as an attachment to a descriptive email to
  • Delete the Kappris Temp Folder.