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Outlook emails print from the …
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Outlook emails print from the wrong tray


Actions taken

  • Open any email
  • File=>Print
  • Select a Print Mode to print on a particular paper type (eg Blue)
  • Print using Kappris
  • Select a  Print Mode to print on a different paper type (eg White)
  • Print using Kappris 

Expected result

  • Email prints on Blue stationery
  • Email prints on White stationery

Actual result

  • Email prints from default tray
  • Email prints from default tray


Outlook is trying to select a non-existent tray in the Kappris printer.

In order to print properly from Outlook WITHOUT Kappris, user settings are often made to select a particular tray in the user's default printer. Outlook then slavishly uses this setting, regardless of whether the default printer has changed. The upshot of this is that, if the tray is set to Tray 4 on, say, a HP printer, the codes necessary to select Tray 4 on HP are sent to the printer even if it is now, say, a Canon printer with no Tray 4.

When Kappris is in use this "legacy" tray setting will almost certainly be meaningless to Kappris, in which case it will cause Kappris to select the wrong tray on the destination printer.


The images given are for Outlook 2013 but the principles are the same in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2016.

Go to File=>Print in Outlook and select Native Print. If Native Print is not available, please contact your System Administrator, who can activate this for you.

In the Print dialog, click Page Setup... when Memo Style is selected. You may not see Table Style in the list.

On the Paper tab, set the Paper source drop-down to the top item in its list. This will probably be something like Auto, Automatically Select, Printer Default (Auto) or something similar, depending upon the printer itself.

The effect of this is to allow Kappris to select the paper tray in the printer (which it does very well) instead of Outlook trying to dictate which tray to use.

Click OK and then Preview on the print dialog. This will take you back to File=>Print, where you should now be able to test whether the issue is now fixed.

Applies to Kappris 2.0.8.x and greater