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Last modified on 10/26/2015 10:45 AM by User.


Outlook email rendering test program

This COM add-in will function with 32-bit Microsoft Outlook 2010 and later. It allows the saving of emails in various forms for review and to facilitate testing and debugging of issues  These saved emails can then be zipped up and sent to Kutana Support with a description of the problem for analysis by support staff.


You may download the test program from 32-bit Outlook ONLY


The addin consists of ONE file kMailSave.dll

To install:

  • Copy into a convenient folder (<FOLDER>) on your computer
  • Ensure Outlook is not running
  • From an an Administrator Command Processor, run

regsvr32 <FOLDER>\kMailSave.dll

The add-in will be available when you next start Outlook.

To uninstall:

  • Ensure Outlook is not running
  • From an an Administrator Command Processor, run

regsvr32 /u <FOLDER>\kMailSave.dll

  • Delete file kMailSave.dll from <FOLDER>

Ribbon changes

After successful installation and there should be a new tab in the Outlook ribbon labelled Kutana. If this is not present then check under the menu File-Options->Addins->Com Addins. There should be a ticked Entry “Error Mail save”.

The Kutana tab has three buttons:


Use Preview to check how a file will appear when printed using the release of Kappris we are currently working on.

The Preview button saves the currently selected email to %LocalAppData\Kutana\OutlookTest\Preview and opens it in Microsoft Word. If it appears correctly in Microsoft Word, you can assume that the new version of Kappris will be able to print this email correctly. The generated file will be deleted when Outlook is closed.

Please note that the file will be paginated by Microsoft Word so you will sometimes find that large images will appear on the next page, rather than directly under previous text as they do in the Outlook email itself.

IMPORTANT: If you find an email whose appearance in this preview is NOT satisfactory, it is then that you should use the Save option and send us the resulting files.


This option saves the email in three forms with the following extensions:

  • Unicode message (.msg)
  • Microsoft  Word (.doc)
  • Plain text (.txt)

All files will be saved to %LocalAppData%\Kutana\OutlookTest\Error. The file name is constructed using a "one-way" encoded version of the EntryID used internally by Outlook as a unique identifier for the email.

Go to Save Folder

This opens up the to %LocalAppData%\Kutana\OutlookTest\Error folder to allow the files within to be zipped up. The resulting zip file can then be sent to as an attachment along with a description of the problem(s) with the email(s) in the zip for the support team to look at.