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Software Maintenance, Support & Consultancy


Kutana supplies products and services in the field of document production. Our expertise has been built up over many years as office automation software consultants and developers, particularly for law firms.

Our flagship product is Kappris, which marshals the capabilities of all your printers, even the most sophisticated ones, so they are all accessible from a simple and convenient interface.

Purchase of a subscription to Kappris entitles the purchaser to software maintenance and support services.

Consultancy services can be purchased at any time and are not linked to product subscriptions.


Subscriptions to Kappris last a minimum of 1 year. For the duration of the subscription period the subscriber is entitled to all major, minor and maintenance versions of Kappris. Our release numbering system, which reflects the differences between major, minor and maintenance versions is discussed at Release Numbering Scheme.

All subscribers are informed whenever a major or minor version of the software is released.

When we release a maintenance version, we only inform subscribers who have reported an issue that is fixed in that new version.

Information on ALL (and especially the latest) Kappris versions may be found in our Kappris for SysAdmins wiki.


Subscribers may contact our support services at any time and for any reason.

Contact may be made:

  • By email to;
  • By creating a new case in our support system (driven by FogBugz) here;
  • By adding a new case from our support "landing page" here

In extreme circumstances subscribers may call support on +44 (0) 3332 020971

We do not recommend direct email to any of our support staff because such emails can easily become mixed in with everyday administration and your case will no longer be tracked.

Once a support case has been created the outcome will be one of the following:

  • We resolve the issue;
  • We acknowledge that a feature is missing or there is a bug in your installed release, and we propose a upgrading to a more recent release;
  • We agree that a new feature is required and add it to the "wish-list";
  • We acknowledge there is a bug and inform you of when it is likely to be fixed;
  • We acknowledge that a new feature is required or there is a bug, and we propose a circumvention;
  • We offer to deal with the issue as a chargeable consultancy service;
  • We inform you that we cannot or will not deal with the issue;


We cannot stress sufficiently the importance of providing information when creating a new case in our systems. As far as practical (and applicable) we require:

  • Description of the issue
  • Images (and preferably text) of error message/s
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Common aspects of the issue, eg occurs only with one user/group of users, only on certain workstation/s etc
  • Description or images of what was running on the machine at the time
  • Microsoft® Windows version (including 32- vs 64-bit)
  • Microsoft® Office version
  • Other relevant software and version
  • Kappris version

The more information you provide, the more likely we are to resolve the issue quickly.


Kutana will always be happy to discuss bespoke development, integration services, training or other consultancy services.

In the first instance the best way to communicate is to create a support case listing your requirements or at least as much as you know of them at the time. We will respond by helping you to clarify the requirement and providing initial estimates of the costs involved. At all stages we agree charges before embarking on work, making clear where there are areas of uncertainty before any commitment either from you or from Kutana.