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Last modified on 7/7/2020 12:34 PM by User.


Offline Working Setup and Configuration

This feature is available from Kappris v2.3.2.xxxx onwards.

To enable Offline Working for a user, you will need to add the following entry to their Config.ini file in the Kappris program directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Kutana\Kappris

Use Central Configuration=False

The above value defaults to True if the entry is not present.

The user will then need to re-open Word, Outlook or Excel and complete a print while connected to the network so that the central configuration files can be copied locally.

Expect to see a pause of up to 10 seconds upon clicking ‘File’ while the copy takes place.

NOTE: The central configuration folder path must be fully qualified and return an IP address when queried using NSLOOKUP. Otherwise the copy operation will fail.
NOTE2:  The IP address must return a reply when queried using the PING command. If this is not available click here for an alternative.

By default the local copy of the configuration is stored as below:


This can be altered (for example on a shared PC to save having multiple copies of the file) by adding a new line again in the Config.ini file. An example using the C:\Kappris Configuration folder is shown below:

KapprisLocal=C:\Kappris Configuration\Kappris.ini

Once a successful copy has been made, the user can disconnect from the network and continue to use Kappris for printing as normal.

In order to pick up any changes made to the central configuration, a new process ‘CALAHAN’ runs and checks for changes every hour if the user has reconnected to the network.

This time interval is also configurable by adding an extra line in the [Computer] section:

Cache Sync interval=60
Use Central Configuration=False

Cache Sync interval defaults to 3600 and its unit is Seconds.

Points to note while working offline:

  • Electronic Stationery is not available
  • Kappris Signing is not available
  • Synchronisation can take place once connected to the network in any these ways:
    • Immediately after a restart when clicking ‘File’ in Word/Outlook or Excel.
    • If Calahan is restarted.
    • As defined by the Cache Sync Interval when Calahan is running