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Last modified on 8/5/2011 8:04 AM by User.


Print a label whenever we print on letterhead stationery



  • You have a printer capable of printing a single label at a time, eg a Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • Whenever you print on Letterhead stationery you would also like a label printed
  • You are using Kappris version or later


  • Make sure you can print a label directly from Word onto your label printer
  • Make sure Kappris and Windows know about your special, label-size paper
  • Write a label printing macro to print a single label document to your label printer
  • Write a macro to extract the required address from your letter into a label document and then run your label printing macro


Make sure you can print a label from Word

From the Kappris print dialog, click the Word Print button

In Word's list of printers, select your label printer, then cancel the print dialog.

Go into File > Page Setup and select the label paper size you want on the Paper tab. You may need to set the paper orientation on the Margins tab too, as we have in this example. We have set it to landscape.

Note down the label dimensions because you will need them later. Ours is 10.08cm x 5.4cm.

Click OK and you should be looking at a rather small document in Word. Type in an address and use the Word Print button again to print it to your label printer.

We hope it printed perfectly as a label. Save your document as "LabelDoc" so we can use it again later. Our LabelDoc is here: LabelDoc.doc

Now we'll let Kappris have a go.

Make sure Kappris is set up for labels

See Label Printing with Kappris for details on how to set up labels in Kappris. Test that you have it correctly configured by printing your LabelDoc document via Kappris from Word.

If you can print your label properly in this way, it's time to start writing your macros.

To be continued...