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The following notes apply if you're trying to install from a collection of zip files. Don't contemplate this if you've got access to the msi files!

Here's a list of things to check to make sure PrintSequencer is set up properly.

On x86 machines, PROGRAM_FILES is C:\Program Files and on x64 it is C:\Program Files (x86).

The PrintSequencer is installed by unzipping the supplied zip file to the PROGRAM_FILES\Kutana\PrintSequencer folder. There are no setup files to run, but check the config files in the .\Server folder.

The support files in the file are installed by unzipping to PROGRAM_FILES\KapprisPrint and running register.cmd from the command prompt.

  1. If you've installed on a 64-bit OS, check that PrintSequencerClient.dll has been registered using the Framework64 version of regasm. The Kappris printer driver is 64-bit and needs the PrintSequencerClient dll to be visible from 64-bit code. You can use oleview if you have it installed (it's part of the Microsoft SDKs v6.0a install). Or look here for instructions.
  2. Again, on a 64-bit OS, PrintSequencerClient needs to be able to call KappConf methods - so make sure KappConf.dll is registered using the Framework64 version of regasm.
  3. PrintSequencer looks for the file KapprisPrint.dll.config and PrintSequencerClient.dll.config in the Kappris configuration folder, defined as Kappris= in the config.ini file. The zip contains a sample of each config file, but you have to copy them to the Kappris config folder to modify PrintSequencer behaviour. Don't just modify them in-place - your changes will be ignored.
  4. Check that the SharedFolder specified in KapprisPrint.dll.config actually exists. Sometimes you need to actually visit the shared folder in Windows Explorer and log in to make the shared folder visible to Kappris and the PrintSequencer.
  5. Check that the Endpoint in PrintSequencerClient.dll.config is correct.
  6. Check that PrinterName in PrintSequencer.exe.config is Kappris.
  7. Check that JobConsolidation in PrintSequencer.exe.config is the complete path to the JobConsolidation.exe, which lives in the KapprisPrint folder.
  8. Whether you installed Kappris from scratch or updated an existing installation, check that the Kappris driver wasn't paused with jobs in the queue when you attempted the update. The driver update will fail unless the queue is unpaused and contains no pending jobs.
  9. In the KapprisPrint folder, you did run Register.cmd file didn't you? You could try running Unregister.cmd and checking that PrintSequencerClient disappears from the oleview typelibrary list. Then run Register.cmd again. Currently, every time you run Register.cmd it inserts an extra set of context menu items, so best run Unregister followed by Register to make sure you only get one set. See case 964
    Important Note: KiMInstall.vbs needs to be fixed up on x64 systems, otherwise it modifies the wrong bit of registry. Case 1205 - ask Kutana for more details if required.
  10. Check that when you run ConsoleTestApp the pane on the right hand side actually contains a valid printer rather than 'NONE SUITABLE'. You'd need to choose a printmode that has a suitable printer. Or in the Application Integration section of kpmgr ensure that the default PrintMode has a supported printer.
  11. If you want to print LaserForm documents, make sure you've unzipped the supplied to the new folder PrintSequencer\Server\Plugins\Kutana, and add the following chunk of xml to the plugins.config file in PrintSequencer\Server: Then restart PrintSequencer.exe
    <type name="LaserForm files" plugin=".\Kutana\LaserFormPlugin.dll" class="KutanaPlugins.PluginLaserForm" enabled="true" maxinstances="1">
      <extension name="lfm" enabled="true"></extension>
      <extension name="xfd" enabled="true"></extension>
      <extension name="lpw" enabled="true"></extension>
  12. To avoid errors like this one…

    Error: Caxton v1.6.12.4554
    JobID: \\xp-test\ps\AA39D943-5F9D-4A7B-8134-82BA9E8D2C8C\20130718170728114
    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path '11spqwpg.doc' is denied.
       at System.IO.Directory.DeleteHelper(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive)
       at System.IO.Directory.Delete(String fullPath, String userPath, Boolean recursive)

    …the system administrator needs to ensure that a regular user has sufficient rights to be able to delete the temp files created by PrintSequencer printing. Regular users have rights to Create folders but not Delete them.