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Outlook Integration (pre-Office 2010)

Installing Outlook 2003/2007 Integration

If Kappris 1.7.x.x has been installed you will need to uninstall Office 2010 integration.

Enabling/Disabling Kappris Outlook Printing

Applies to version and later

Basic Configuration Entries

There are two entries in <Kappris Program Folder>\config.ini to assist with enabling and disabling Kappris Outlook integration.


# The following entry enables/disables Kappris Outlook integration for all users on this machine
# If missing it will be assumed to be True
Outlook Enabled=False

# The following entry enables/disables a user override for enabling Kappris Outlook integration
# If missing it will be assumed to be False
Outlook Enabled by User=True

Using the Configuration Entries

The value of <Outlook Enabled> is read first and becomes the default for any user on this machine.

If <Outlook Enabled> by User is False then the value of <Outlook Enabled> will determine whether Kappris Outlook integration is active.

If <Outlook Enabled> by User is True then the value of registry entry HKCU\Software\Kutana\Kappris\OutlookPrint\Enabled will determine whether Kappris Outlook integration is active.

If the registry entry is missing it will be ignored and the value of <Outlook Enabled> will therefore take priority.

Calling Kappris_Print from Outlook programmatically


Within Outlook one can use the following code to access the Kappris_Print routine:

Dim AI
Const ADDIN_ID = "KapprisOutlook.KappOlk"

Set AI = Application.COMAddIns(ADDIN_ID)
AI.Kappris_Print Item := Applications.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem, _
  ShowDialog := False, PrintMode := 0, RangeType := 1, _
  RangeSpecification := 3

This would print out the active mail item, without showing a print dialog, using the default print mode (0) and only the first 3 pages


If RangeType is 0 the RangeSpecification argument is ignored.
If RangeType is 1 RangeSpecification must be an integer indicating how many pages are to be printed.
If RangeType is 2 RangeSpecification is a string containing page numbers and ranges of page numbers. Allowable characters are ' ' (space), ',' (comma), '-' (hyphen) and the digits '0' to '9'.

Example Ranges

"1, 3,7" - pages 1, 3 and 7
"2-6, 19" - pages 2 to 6 (inclusive) and page 19