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Kappris v1.6.3.3678
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Kappris v1.6.3.3678

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669 - "All" default is not set properly in Outlook

In the Kappris Control Panel, setting the "All" option as the system default did not work. This only affects Outlook printing. Fixed

764 - Landscape cannot be set from driver UI

The Kappris printer driver now displays the familiar Unidrv 'Layout' tab, allowing control over the page Orientation. Instead of having to choose Portrait/Landscape on Internet Explorer's Page Setup dialog, you can do it directly from the driver UI at print time.

765 - Kappris ignores duplex settings sent by LaserForm


766 - Unwanted warning 15 days before expiry

Kutana now emails customers reminders of imminent Kappris licence expiry, rather than Kappris itself throwing a nag dialog when there are 15 days or fewer before expiry.

773 - VisualFiles does not activate new document with Word 2010


774 - Customer wants to try Kappris for Outlook but not Word

Kappris integration with Microsoft Office 2010 can be turned off in Word whilst active in Outlook and vice versa. Notes...

785 - Printout is not duplex when a particular duplex print mode is selected

Problem was actually that Kappris Outlook Integration was selecting the wrong print mode. This was caused by Kappris removing non-printable print modes from the list of print modes presented by Outlook. Fixed