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Kappris v1.6.5.3856
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Last modified on 9/14/2012 10:16 AM by User.


Kappris v1.6.5.3856


705 - Outlook printing renders Calibri text as symbols

Textual content of HTML printed from IE9 via Kappris is now readable and intelligible. Previous versions of Kappris printed text from IE9 as gibberish.

787 - Error when "Caxton show progress" is TRUE

When 'Show Progess' is requested, Caxton now prints without throwing an exception, even if KB2656369 is installed.

789 - Caxton StartDoc error when printing PDF

Caxton now works better with the .NET garbage collector. It doesn't fail silently partway through a job because it has been allocating new resources without releasing spent resources.

797 - Caxton exception when several instances are printing the same job

Fixed - Caxton now opens job files in shareable mode.

801 - Always colour when printing to Canon ADVANCE iR5030


806 - Show number of emails in chain on Outlook print dialog

Print dialog now shows the number of emails in the chain beside the "All" option. eg "All (7 emails)"

807 - Tidy up dialog usage between OutlookPrint and KapprisOffice if possible