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Kappris v1.6.7.4070
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Last modified on 11/23/2012 4:27 PM by User.


Kappris v1.6.7.4070


789 - Caxton StartDocPrinter error when printing PDF

Caxton now works much better with the .NET garbage collector. Previously it failed silently part-way through a job because it had been allocating new resources without properly releasing spent resources.

819 - iManage interferes with Word 2003 integration

iManage integration was simply not working properly with Word 2003. The integration template is now much more robust.

823 - QuickPrint option in Word and Outlook should show the Kappris dialog

By customer request, QuickPrint options in Word and Outlook now display the print dialog in the same way as other methods of invoking print.

844 - Enhancement to Print Dialog

COSMETIC: Not clear that it was possible to adjust the copy count in the Word print dialog. Changed headings to make it easier to understand.

854 - StartDocPrinter Error with Kappris 1.6.6

The latest Caxton version has improved stability and copitrak compatibility.

863 - Check recording of XMLData

We were recording Print Job information even if there was an error in submitting the job to print. Fixed

870 - Revamp XMLData logging

Print Job logging for cost/usage analysis is still recorded to XMLData folder. The XML structure now conforms to a schema: PrintJob.xsd

879 - Caxton consumes processor cycles and doesn't exit

Caxton has better compatibility with copitrak. There are two new config settings in the [Engine] section of the kappris.ini file. The default settings are 'Copitrak Compatibility=FALSE' and 'Copitrak Font Life (mins)=240'. When copitrak compatibility is switched on, Caxton deletes temporary fonts based on their age, rather than suffering a hang waiting for a gdi function to return.