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Kappris v1.6.9.4185
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Last modified on 1/15/2013 10:23 AM by User.


Kappris v1.6.9.4185


896 - Wrong target printer

When a Caxton Script is in operation, Kappris Library omits to apply the printer selected by the user to the final print job, instead selecting the user's default printer for that print mode. Fixed

915 - Hide Data Export branch and built-in Data Fields in Control Panel

Data Export is now handled by two separate programs: Data Export Manager and Data Exporter. Data Export Manager allows the user to define how Kappris job data is to be exported into an external database. Data Exporter exports kappris job data in accordance with the configuration defined using Data Export Manager. Data Fields now include only user-defined fields. All other Kappris job data fields will be exported automatically, together with the user-defined fields, if data logging is active.

931 - CASA Printing Issue: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException

The tests that Caxton runs when it decides whether an EMF record contains Subset or Delta font data are now much more stringent.