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Kappris v1.7.10.5782
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Last modified on 9/17/2014 12:00 PM by User.


Kappris v1.7.10.5782

Build date: 4 September 2014


FTP: 32 bit, 64 bit

Release Notes

993: MSI installs Data Export programs

The new files DataExportManager.exe and DataExporter.exe plus required support files are installed to the .\Extras folder.

1643: Kappris error when exiting protected view


1645: Office Integration error when unprotecting Word attachment


1676: Carson "hangs" intermittently on Citrix

Fixed. Multiple changes to avoid hanging and now much easier to troubleshoot if anything does go wrong

1679: "Hide file extensions" causes slow printing from Word


1681: KappConf.dll and KSupport3.dll are not registered as x64 on x64 machines


1721: Kappris installer can cause downgrade of UNIDRV dlls


1742: Log how much of email is printed

XML logs now provide information on how much of an email is printed

1744: Custom Paper selection does not work correctly

Kappris now works correctly with Compliments Slip (210 x 99 mm) paper and other non-standard paper sizes.

1804: Remove "ensure print order" option

Kappris Outlook integration can ensure printout order for multiple emails and attachments. Previously this was a user option because it slowed down printing so much. Since Kappris can now operate at the same speed whether ensuring print order or not, Kutana has set this option permanently ON. The redundant check boxes have therefore been removed.

1805: Office 2003 Outlook integration not using Kappris defaults


1821: Outlook and Word Print buttons can be confusing

On the File|Print tab, the print button that calls Kappris in Outlook and Word is now captioned "Kappris Print" instead of simply "Print"

1822: User permissions cause slow printing