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Kappris v1.7.12.6575
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Kappris v1.7.12.6575


Build date: 11 June 2015


OneDrive: 32 bit, 64 bit

Release Notes

1838: Tidy orphaned JobConsolidation folders

Temporary job folders created during Kappris printing are removed more reliably.

2208: Fix the Kappris MSI to install the Kappris driver correctly on Windows 8 x64

Earlier versions of Kappris needed to specify the msi command-line switch INSTALLDRIVER=0 for installation to work on x64 Windows 8. But from Kappris v1.7.12 onward, that switch is unnecessary.

2002: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory

Kappris is now built in a way that makes it impossible for this Access Violation Exception to occur.

2096: New printer profile should default to using the printer name only

Implemented. When creating a new printer profile, Kappris Manager uses only the printer name (without server prefix) instead of the full name as the default match criterion.

2098: Widen printer combo in KapprisUI printer preferences dialog

When you click the down-arrow to drop the Preferred Printers combobox, the control is automatically widened to accommodate the longest string in the control. So no matter how long your printer names are, they will never be clipped by the control.

2327: Remove Caxton code that appends "...(x of y)" to print job name

Appending "...(x of y)" to the end of print job names causes 3rd-party software not to recognise replaceable strings. Fixed

2343: Difficult to differentiate between preferred printers in Outlook and Word dialogs

Fixed. Outlook and Word dialogs now use friendly printer names that read in a more meaningful way than full UNC printer names.

2124: Kappris cannot discover the name of a 32-bit App when printing on an x64 version of Windows

When Kappris runs on a 64-bit OS it now knows the name of every printing app, whether that app is 32-bit or 64-bit. In earlier Kappris releases, when printing from a 32-bit app on 64-bit, Kappris always used "SPLWOW64" instead of the actual 32-bit app name, so you couldn't really use the Application Integration behaviour.

2340: Wrong Kappris printer may be selected in RDP session

If the default printer was an instance of the Kappris printer redirected from the RDP client, Word would print to this rather than the Kappris printer on the RDP host machine. Fixed.

2359: Printer priority file is not updating as expected

Fixed. Priority list of printers now updates whenever Kappris unloads.

2243: Chinese characters printing in read and delivery receipts

Speculative fix. Marking the read/deliver receipts as "read" may correct printout.

2247: Range options in Word do not work

Fixed. Word 2010/2013 selects the incorrect pages if it hasn't updated its print preview. Fixed by explicitly identifying the required page number, rather than "Current Page"

2259: Outlook integration: Error reading speLastPart.Min

Speculative fix. Because error is likely to occur when reading user's defaults. Kappris now deals with any errors arising during this phase of processing.

2048: Selected printer should be able to print ALL imprints if possible

Fixed. Kappris now gives preference to the highest printer in the user's printer priority list that can print ALL imprints in the selected print mode.

2165: Kappris 1.7.x does not run properly on Office 2007

Fixed. Now runs properly with Office 2007

2201: KapprisLibrary excludes built-in data fields from processing

Special data fields that are built-in within Kappris now appear in Data Export tools so they can be exported to database.

1913: Use meaningful file names when printing attachments

Attachments printed by Kappris have random-unique filenames and may appear in the destination print queue with these names. By using a random-unique 4-character prefix and then the actual filename, the user may be able to understand what the files in the queue actually are.

1926: New printers erroneously added to top of priority list

Printers newly added to the user environment would always appear at the top of the user's printer priority list. This is now the default behaviour (for consistency with the previous version) but can be altered using Printer Profiles|Properties|Printer priority

1962: Print Modes requiring multiple printers do not allow user to select a common printer

Fixed. Kappris now lists all printers that are capable of printing ALL imprints in a print mode

2009: Outlook Integration must check object validity when user switches folders

Kappris no longer throws an error when the user switches to a folder that does not support standard Outlook item types

2010: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory


2011: Outlook and Word sometimes ask to disable KapprisOffice add-in

If Word or Outlook pops a dialog box asking whether to disable an Office add-in, then that add-in will have suffered an error last time it was used. The Kappris build process has been modified so that such errors are less likely within Kappris add-ins, which reduces the likelihood of Word or Outlook popping such a warning dialog.

2018: Email attachments do not print in Outlook 2007

Fixed. Kappris 1.7.12 now supports Office 2007

2246: Kappris Word Integration print dialog child dialog positions

Fixed. Word print dialog subordinate forms: Printer Priority, Configuration and About now always appear on same screen as print dialog