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Kappris v1.7.3.4813
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Kappris v1.7.3.4813

Build Date: 21 Nov 2013


1317 - Duplex printout from Adobe Reader incorrect

Printing two copies of a three page document resulted in incorrect duplexing. Fixed by exposing Kappris support for collation. See Case 1334

1330 - Client/Matter form appears more than once when printing more than one copy of an Excel document

Printing from Excel, scripts run for each copy of printout. Fixed by exposing Kappris support for collation. See Case 1334

1334 - Add Collation support to Printer Driver

Kappris was not telling applications that it can support collation. This caused applications to print documents several times, rather than sending once and telling Kappris how many copies. Caused undesirable side effects. See cases 1317, 1330

1339 - MAPI error when Outlook Integration tries to print iManage document

If you Kappris print a closed Item from an Outlook list, previously the print would have failed with MAPI errors or incorrect printout if the Item is an iManage Item. Now the user is warned when attempting to Kappris print such Items. Furthermore, if you open an MSG file stored in iManage and then Kappris print it, this previously resulted in Error in IMAPISession.OpenEntry: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND but now behaves correctly.