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Kappris v1.7.2.4711
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Kappris v1.7.2.4711

Build Date: 30 Sep 2013




Bug Fixes

1267 - Intermittent MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED when printing email from Outlook

Not reproducible at Kutana. Prospective circumvention.

1297 - Intermittent hang when printing from Word


Bug Fixes in

887 - Control Panel should control whether Quick Print displays dialog

Kappris Control Panel (KpMgr) now controls whether QuickPrint will cause the Kappris print dialog to display. Applies to Outlook and Word

1247 - PrintQueueException from Caxton

As Caxton tidies up before it exits, if the target printer queue containing an earlier job no longer exists then Caxton will tidy away all the temp fonts owned by that job.

1275 - Register KapprisOffice on installation

Previous versions of Kappris have been compatible with Office 2003, and to make them work with Office 2010 needed OutlookPrint.dll to be unregistered and KapprisOffice.dll to be registered instead. This manual step is no longer required. Kappris now works with Office 2010 by default.

1283 - Outlook Attachment Printing With Kappris Not Selecting Attachments

If Outlook's own attachment printing is turned on Outlook attempts to print all attachments with each email. Fixed by having Kappris turn this option off each time Kappris printing is activated by the user.

New Features

Microsoft® Outlook Integration

These features are not available in Outlook versions earlier than 2010.

New administrative defaults in KpMgr

Ensure print order

When printing multiple emails, this will ensure that files are placed in the destination print queue in the correct order. The downside of this is that all files must be spooled by Kappris before any of them can be sent to the destination printer. If this option is not used each file is sent to the destination printer as it is processed by Kappris, which can mean that some larger files will end up printing AFTER smaller files processed later.

QuickPrint shows dialog

The QuickPrint option in Outlook will cause the Kappris dialog to display, which it did in earlier versions of Kappris. Unchecking this turns QuickPrint into a genuine quick print that sends to print using the default options.

New User Options when printing Individual Items

Item Tab

Ensure printout order

Though visible, this will always be disabled if there is only one email to print

Print email content

Allows the user to print attachment/s without the containing email itself. This only becomes enabled if the user elects to print one or more attachments.

Printer order

Use this button to reorder your printers so Kappris will select your favourite printers by default. The further down the list a printer is, the less likely Kappris is to use it because Kappris defaults to use the first printer it finds that is capable of printing the way you have selected.

Attachments Tab

User may select attachments using a tree-view that also lists attachments within email attachments.

Attachments can now be printed using a different print mode, printer and copy count from the email itself

New User Options when printing Multiple Items

Item Tab

Ensure printout order

Changes to this setting will be always enabled if there are multiple emails to print. If this is not checked printout may be faster but there is no guarantee of which order the files will print in. If it is checked every attempt is made to ensure printer order but the first item will not print until all items (especially attachments) have been processed by their respective applications. It takes its default setting from administrative settings or user settings if the administrator has allowed it.

Print email content

This will always be disabled when there are multiple items to print.

Attachments Tab

User may not select individual attachments when printing multiple items. User can print all attachments or none of them.

Email content must always be printed when printing multiple items.

Microsoft® Word Integration

These features are not available in Word versions earlier than 2010.

New administrative defaults in KpMgr

The administrator may determine whether QuickPrint in Word will display the Kappris dialog or proceed to print immediately.

Printer Profile Snapshot Management

Snapshots with Key Macros are an advanced feature of Kappris, designed to allow "personalisation" of how printout behaves. For example, when using a printer that supports multiple output trays, each user may wish to use a particular output tray to keep their own output separate from that of colleagues.

Supporting this kind of function requires the use of Kappris Merge Codes and Key Macros. This allows Kappris to create and maintain different snapshots for each user and thus support different print options, depending upon the user.

It was not previously possible to review, delete and edit snapshots based on Key Macros. Now, the administrator can set temporary merge code values and manage the snapshots that depend upon these values.