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Kappris v1.7.4.4952
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Last modified on 1/31/2014 2:27 PM by User.


Kappris v1.7.4.4952

Build Date: 19 Jan 2014


1318: Improve reliability of Kappris driver upgrade

Kappris driver sometimes does not update when Kappris product is upgraded. This is caused by the installer not being able to delete the old version of the driver. Installer now attempts to update the driver even if it cannot delete the older version.

1387: Outlook Attachment Printing causes unrequested printout

Fixed by not allowing printout until Outlook's own attachment printing is turned off.

1431: Office integration add-ins need to check whether to load

Kappris Office integration now checks for the configuration file and disables itself if the file is not available. For added speed the check can, optionally, be done using customer-defined script or other executable.

1432: Outlook should always ensure printout order if feature checked


1384: PDF Problem - Overlapping Text and Wrong Characters

Certain PDF creator apps embed fonts whose checksums have not been calculated correctly. When Kappris trusted those unreliable checksum values it often misidentified fonts causing incorrect printout. Kappris now calculates its own checksums rather than relying on the potentially unreliable ones supplied in the embedded fonts.

1385: Native printing via Kappris results in incorrect number of copies


1261: Caxton error when printer name is too long

When Kappris copies the name of a printer it now has room for all 220 possible characters (Win7 and XP) rather than truncating at the 64th character. In particular, printing now succeeds on Citrix which has unavoidably long printer names.