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Kappris v1.7.9.5597
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Last modified on 9/4/2014 11:47 AM by User.


Kappris v1.7.9.5597

Build Date: 1 August 2014


FTP: 32-bit, 64-bit


See Kappris Installation via MSI

IMPORTANT: CITRIX/TERMINAL SERVER installation requires an extra step.

See Post-installation notes for Terminal Services/Citrix systems

1679: "Hide file extensions" causes slow printing from Word


1623: Kappris installation to default to "Interactive User" for Carson

Installation defaulted to installing Carson as NT service. This is only required for Terminal Services/Citrix. Best to install for Interactive User and allow TS/Citrix administrator to change to NT Service and apply suitable login

1616: Circumvent WorkSite read-only error when printing WorkSite items


1620: x64 build of Kappris MSI still reports itself as x86 package


1626: New emails, replies and forwards do not print properly unless saved


1634: Error: Unable to locate snapshot root folder

Fixed: Error message now only thrown if snapshot root folder is missing AND cannot be created

1738: Carson installation

Generate the Carson type library using the .NET 2.0 regasm rather than the .NET 4.0 regasm.

MSI Fixes

  • Fix installation-time registration so assemblies built for AnyCPU are registered for both x64 and x86 on x64 computers, but just for x86 on x86 computers.
  • Embed correct binary chunk in msi