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Kappris v1.7.8.5265
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Last modified on 4/30/2014 5:24 PM by User.


Kappris v1.7.8.5265

Build Date: 25 Apr 2014

1261 - Caxton error when printer name is too long

When Kappris copies the name of a printer it now has room for all 220 possible characters (Win7 and XP) rather than truncating at the 64th character. In particular, printing now succeeds on Citrix which has unavoidably long printer names.

1267 - Intermittent MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED when printing email from Outlook

Not reproducible at Kutana. Prospective circumvention.

1318 - Improve reliability of Kappris driver upgrade

Kappris driver sometimes does not update when Kappris product is upgraded. This is caused by the installer not being able to delete the old version of the driver. Installer now attempts to update the driver even if it cannot delete the older version.

1337 - Outlook not recognising individual email parts

Outlook integration did not recognise individual email parts properly when email open in an Outlook inspector window. Fixed

1506 - Outlook integration intermittently hangs

Circumvention applied in this release

1532 - Unable to set default printer for Outlook printing


1574 - Caxton cannot delete temp work folder

The tidy-up code is more robust now.

1582 - Kappris MSI does not register KappSrvr correctly

Fixed. The more eagle-eyed users will notice that the name of the created installation now contains platform information, e.g.  Kutana Kappris ( (32-bit) or Kutana Kappris ( (64-bit) and the msi files now contain platform id too, e.g. Kappris.x86.

1596 - Outlook 2010 attachment printing does nothing

When an email is open in an Outlook inspector, right-clicking an attachment and selecting "print" does nothing. Fixed

1597 - QuickPrint show dialog administrative option does not work


1598 - Calendar backstage buttons not showing correctly

If a calendar item is open and the explorer is also viewing the calendar there can be a conflict over whether the calendar print buttons should show or not. Buttons can seem to disappear and reappear at random. Fixed

1599 - Outlook integration causes emails to appear in draft folder

This will still happen from time to time but will now be infrequent, rather than the rule.