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Post-installation notes for Terminal Services/Citrix systems

From version there is, for the first time, a COM+ component in the Kappris software suite. It is named "Carson" (after the butler in Downton Abbey) and its job is to look after print specifications being processed by Kappris. The installer deals with setting up Carson but, where users actually run on a shared server such as Terminal Services or Citrix, system administrators will need to make a minor change to Carson's settings.

Changing the Settings

Run Component Services:

  • From Control Panel\Administrative Tools;
  • Using the Run command and entering "comexp.msc"
  • Typing Compo... etc in "Search programs and files" field on Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 + Start menu

Find your way to COM+ Applications

Right-click COM+ Carson - Kappris Print Cache and select Properties

Select the Activation tab

Tick Run application as NT Service (ignore any warning you may receive at this point and continue)

Click Apply and then select the Identity tab.

If you are happy for the service to run as Local System then make sure this is the selected account. If this is not suitable for your systems and policies, select This user: and enter the credentials of your preferred account.

IMPORTANT: Local Service and Network Service are NOT suited to the purposes of Kappris. The account you use MUST have access to the TEMP folder of any user who prints on this machine as well as full access to the ProgramData folder. We tend to prefer the SYSTEM account because it has full access to the machine but no access to the network.

Click OK and see if Kappris can print. You may find the first print is slow to start up as the service initialises but, after this, the speed should be quite satisfactory.