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Kappris v1.6.10.4229
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Last modified on 8/29/2013 2:52 PM by User.


Kappris v1.6.10.4229

Build Date: 15 Jan 2013


907 - Caxton Exception: CaxtonScript.dll already exists

For each logged in user, Caxton will now start using the updated CaxtonScript dll from the network location only when all that user's Caxton instances have exited.

917 - Uninstall fails if dll is missing

Kappris msi uninstallation now succeeds even if the contents of the entire installation folder programfiles\Kutana\Kappris have somehow been deleted.

924 - Kappris Executables need to be digitally signed

The exe, dll and msi files are all signed using the Kutana certificate.

937 - US Kappris Printer Driver has incomplete range of paper sizes

Added #10, C5 and Monarch envelope sizes and 11x17 paper size to the Kappris.GPD for US users.