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Kappris v1.6.12.4634
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Kappris v1.6.12.4634

Build Date: 14 Aug 2013


This release contains numerous fixes for email and attachment printing as well as some further enhancements.

The fixes and enhancements in Microsoft Outlook apply to Office 2010 only at present. Information on support for Office 2007 and 2003 will be available in due course.

Office versions prior to 2003 will not be supported.

Notable Outlook enhancements are:

  • Printing of Appointment, Contact, Task and other items
  • Printing of multiple items with or without their attachments
  • Printing of attachments with different print modes from the containing item
  • Printing of attachments only, without their containing email
  • Shorter time to print

Notable other enhancements are:

  • Auto-generation of key-macro-personalised snapshots is more robust
  • Management of key-macro-personalised snapshots has been added to allow correction, deletion and manual generation of the snapshots

453 - Embedded image displays as a placeholder box

Fixed. Placeholder now only shown if images are not available or if the user has not allowed them to download.

516 - Kappris Print dialog only appears on Screen №1

Print dialogs for Word and Outlook now appear in the centre of the active window.

604 - Ctrl+P brings up Outlook print dialog if no emails in folder


756 - Caxton error when printing large Word document

Caxton's appetite for memory has been reduced, so documents containing large bitmaps print much more reliably.

820 - Outlook Integration should allow forced override of user default

Central administrative defaults now have a timestamp to show when the administrator set them. Kappris only honours user defaults if the user defaults have a later timestamp than the administrative defaults.

821 - Email and attachments to be (optionally) sent with different print modes

Kappris now offers separate print mode and printer controls for Email and Attachments. Lists currently contain the same print modes. To be altered in future release

822 - Email attachments to be named after the file itself, not the email


841 - Outlook error when printing new email


877 - Error printing email reply if not saved


920 - Printing closed emails can result in missing characters


959 - Intermittent Outlook Kappris Print Vanish

Speculative fix. Removed any code to "hide" Office 2010 BackStage View (File tab) controls.

974 - Printing emails - misalignment in numbering

Reported fixed

1002 - Outlook Print button not working

Fixed. "Outlook print" button now sends user to File|Print tab in Office 2010

1039 - Word 2010: "could not retrieve all of the print settings from Kappris"


1058 - Caxton error: the file exists

Caxton uses GetRandomFileName to generate temp file names and reduces the need to clear out the temp folder.

1059 - Use different name for parts of email in Outlook print dialog

Email parts in thread are now named "parts" in print dialog

1073 - Printing Emails in Bulk

Kappris can now print any standard type of Outlook item, including Appointments, Tasks, etc., and can print them in bulk. This is not entirely robust for large quantities of email yet and will not guarantee to print in order. Printing large quantities in order will not be achieved until the Print Sequencer software is released.

1087 - Browser Print never prints particular email

Problems caused by embedded ActiveX objects, which Internet Explorer will not allow BrowserPrint to print. Fixed by printing directly from Outlook.

1098 - BrowserPrint JavaScript routine fails on Citrix

Fixed by marking BrowserPrint executable as Terminal-Server aware.

1113 - Printout redirected to incorrect printer

Timing issue causes long Word documents to go to default printer on faster machines. Fixed

1118 - PDF grows exponentially in size and then fails to print

Caxton's appetite for memory has been reduced, so documents containing large bitmaps print much more reliably.

1126 - Error printing attachments from email that is itself an attachment

Reported fixed

1130 - Critical Issues

PDF printing, Outlook attachment printing, RTF email printing, printing emails containing ActiveX and bulk email printing have all been fixed or substantially improved in this release.

1131 - Email attachment printing is unreliable

Fixed. Closer print monitoring means we can carefully schedule attachment printing when the associated appliction is not still printing the previous attachment.

1132 - Email Word Attachments Crashing

Appears fixed with Word 2010 crashing but cannot be certain because it sometimes happens anyway, even when Kappris is not present.

1136 - Private Emails

Sensitivity property now appears on printout

1138 - Failure to print RTF emails

Fixed. Kappris no longer attempts to automate Word in order to print RTF emails

1154 - KeyMacro management tool required

Management of KeyMacros is now much more robust and effective, with options for correcting KeyMacro issues. Dialog is quite complex though

1197 - Kappris Printing Speed

Speed improved in Word and significantly so in Outlook