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Kappris v1.6.1.3424
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Kappris v1.6.1.3424

357 - Caxton throws an exception dialog when job is cancelled

Cancelling a job from a target printer queue as Caxton prints now causes Caxton to tidy up and shut down silently. Previously this action would have causes Caxton to throw an alarming and unnecessary 'exception failure' dialog box.

558 - Exception when calling print with Outlook Today on screen

This is fixed.

585 - Word integration needs to allow setting of page range

IKupris2.Range and IKupris2.RangeSpecification are now writable which allows Word macros to specify a page range, containing one or more pages, for printing.

592 - Click OK immediately in Outlook print dialog causes BrowserPrint error

Now when printing an RTF email there is no error if you press [OK] as soon as the Kappris Outlook print dialog appears.

599 - KPMGR UI issue

For Application Integration items within KPMGR, the way the PrintMode Category control behaves towards default settings has been fixed.

611 - Print job names created by Caxton need to be user configurable

When Caxton prints it constructs print jobs with names like 'Untitled - Notepad (1 of 1)' where the '(x of y)' string is appended by Caxton itself, denoting imprint x of y total imprints in the selected printmode. Caxton shortens long job names to ensure that the appended '(x of y)' is still visible on printer front panels that only display the left-hand end of the job name. You can use Caxton scripting to format the job name in a way that you prefer. See the Kappris wiki pages for more details about scripting, and contact Kutana for sample code you can use a starting point for your own job renaming function.

620 - Printer list is incorrect

The stability of the code that generates the list of printers used by Kappris has been improved.

630 - Error introducing HP CP4520 into Control Panel

Some Windows printer drivers return two or more identical 24-character tray names. Although within the driver the tray names are different, they are longer than 24 characters and the differences occur beyond the 24th character so once the names have been clipped down to 24 characters you can't tell them apart any more.

For instance, two tray names that suffer this problem are: 'HP Color Laser Brochure Matte 160g' and 'HP Color Laser Brochure Glossy 160g'

Both of these become 'HP Color Laser Brochure' once truncated to 24 characters.

We fix this by appending the tray id at the end of the clipped name, something we can retrieve using the API. In Kappris this results in the names: 'HP Color Laser Brochure (Tray ID: 1290)' and 'HP Color Laser Brochure (Tray ID: 1283)'

636 - Array index out of bounds when printing unsaved email

There is no longer an 'out of bounds' error printing an unsaved RTF email which has an image attachment.

643 - "Out of memory" error when trying to print from Outlook

Message files with non-existent Bodies no longer cause 'Out of Memory' errors.

656 - KapprisUI displays blank rather than helpful message

On the KapprisUI Printing Preferences | Kappris Options tab, if you select a printmode for which no compatible target printer exists, then the 'Preferred Printer' control will display 'NONE SUITABLE' and the [OK] button will be disabled. Previously the control would just go blank and the [OK] button would remain enabled, allowing nonsensical jobs to be submitted. The behaviour is now more consistent with the Kappris Print dialog in MS Word.

666 - Implement new version numbering scheme

This version of Kappris is v1.6.1.x We will maintain this by fixing bugs and periodically releasing new versions v1.6.2.x, v1.6.3.x and so on. As well as maintaining older versions we are developing new features to go in the forthcoming and yet to be released v1.7

668 - Caxton throws scary message if it is run with an invalid jobid

Now Caxton exits silently if it is run with a command-line argument that is not the name of a Kappris job folder. Previously it would have thrown a scary-looking exception failure message.

682 - KapprisOOPLibrary failed to register at install time

Kappris MSI installation is now more resilient. Instead of relying on COM self-registration, the installer itself makes the required changes to the registry. This means that unwinding an installation in the event of a failure is much more reliable.

683 - Problem printing document from Word with embedded fonts

Kappris can now distinguish between two or more TrueType fonts that have the same face name but different font styles.

692 - System.Exception from Caxton

We've improved the stability of the Caxton printing component.

693 - KPMGR does not check licence

KPMGR will not run unless it can load a valid Kutana-supplied Licence.xml file.

704 - In Kappris installation some files have inconsistent attributes

Every Kutana-authored file in the Kutana\Kappris installation folder is named and versioned consistently. Each such file has the same Product Version number, and a File Version that gets incremented when a bug is fixed in that file.

706 - Create samples showing how to do scripting in Kappris

The source code and chm documentation for the CaxtonScript C# project are available in a single zip file from Kutana.

707 - Outlook printing ignores landscape setting

The setting of the Orientation control in the page setup dialog which opens from the Kappris Outlook Print dialog is now persistent. The setting affects the printout. Previously the setting always reverted to portrait.

714 - Redirection of imprints to different printers defective

Now when you print using a printmode with two imprints, using a pool to redirect the second imprint to a specific printer, the printout goes to the expected target printers.

715 - Incorrect processing of "Preferred Printer"

Kappris chooses target printers in a more predictable way.

718 - TonerControl to become part of Kappris trunk

Kappris v1.6.1.x lets you control the printer toner levels used by each Kappris imprint. Contact Kutana for full details.

721 - Alter KpMgr to check TonerControl licensing

If you have a TonerSaver licence, Kutana can supply you with a Licence.xml file that allows the Kappris Control Panel app app (kpmgr.exe) to create and manage toner saving levels. Toner levels are managed by a plug-in that appears in the list in the left-hand pane of kpmgr.

722 - Caxton throws UpdateJob exception at print time

The [OK] button on the Word Print dialog is now disabled whenever the Preferred Printer control contains the text 'NONE SUITABLE'. Previously we saw errors because we allowed jobs to be printed even though there was no suitable target printer.

724 - First imprint not modified by TonerSaver

Toner savings apply to all imprints. Previously the first imprint always reverted to 0% saving.

728 - Use new Kappris logo

Both the Kappris MSI dialog and Kappris printer driver 'About Kappris' tab use our new logo.

729 - Add option to place Watermark under or over printout

The kpmgr app allows you finer control over watermarks. Within each imprint it's now possible to set whether the Kappris watermark prints behind or on top of the original page content.

733 - Unable to send Key Macros to Lexmark Universal driver

kpmgr can now play out keystrokes to printer dialogs whose title bar contain the printer name followed by either 'Preferences' or 'Properties'. It also keeps track of any child dialog that is opened or dismissed by a keystroke and makes sure that subsequent keystrokes are directed to the correct dialog.

734 - KPMGR cannot play out keystrokes to 64-bit driver UI

kpmgr can now play out keystrokes to x64 printer drivers.

757 - Error with Calendar printing

Now it's possible to print Calendar items from Outlook.

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