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Using ProcMon
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Last modified on 11/24/2021 1:56 PM by User.


Using ProcMon

Using ProcMon to record activity from certain processes


  1. Visit
  2. On that page, click the link Run now from Sysinternals Live
  3. When the Process Monitor window appears, pull down the Filter menu and select Enable Advanced Output
  4. Now open the Filter | Filter… dialog.
  5. Add two new filter rules. Here's the first one:

    Then click the [Add] button and the new row should appear in the list.
  6. The second rule to add is   Process Name is CaxtonXPS.exe 
  7. The list of rules should now look like this:
  8. Click the [Apply] button in the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog and then dismiss the dialog with its [OK] button.
  9. ProcMon inspects system activity but because nothing matches the rules we specified, nothing gets added to the main event list yet. The status bar indicates that lots of events are being excluded.
  10. Now run Docusign Document for the second time.
  11. Wait until the PdfViewer window appears, then in procmon, go to File | Save and save a PML file (leave all the settings at default) and send us the PML file.