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Last modified on 2/14/2023 4:58 PM by User.



In the appsettings.json for KapprisFiler we can tell KapprisFiler how to format the name of the final signed document:

"DocPattern":  "[NAME] ([ID]) Signed [DATE]"

The following list contains the tokens that can be used to construct the file name. Each token must appear inside containing square brackets with no additional spaces:

[DATE] is the Windows system short date string for today's date
[LONGDATE] is the Windows system long date string for today's date
[ID] is the file id sent by the signing agency, e.g. 1 or certificate, depends on signing agency
[NAME] is the name of the document based on where the document was loaded from.

The final name is not a file name - it's the name of an entity in a DMS or database.


If the original document has [NAME] set to Letter to Client and was signed on 01/03/2023, then [DATE] will be 01/03/2023, so the completed signed document would be named:

Letter to Client (1) Signed 01/03/2023.pdf, with the accompanying certificate named Letter to Client (certificate) Signed 01/03/2023.pdf