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kappris.ini is the central configuration file for Kappris. Its purpose is to provide centralised settings for Kappris operations


It must always be pointed to by config.ini.


There is no user-definable content in the [Engine] section of kappris.ini although the entries below may all be of interest.

Config File=kappris_main.cfg
Settings File Differentiator=%COMPUTERNAME%
Copitrak Compatibility=False
Copitrak Font Life (mins)=240

Log Print Job XML=True

If you really feel the need to change the name of the Config File, you may do so but this is NOT SUPPORTED. Kappris assumes that this file is in the same folder as kappris.ini.

"Settings File Differentiator" determines the name of the list of preferred printers for each workstation/client/user. Changing this option by hand (rather than with KpMgr.exe) is NOT SUPPORTED. Kappris uses this to find the name of the current list of preferred printers, which will be kappris_<COMPUTERNAME>.cfg and will reside in the Settings folder(see below).

Copitrak entries are described in Copitrak and Kappris.

"Log Print Job XML" is deemed to be False if missing. If set to True it causes Kappris to log an XML file for each print job into the XMLData subfolder of the central configuration folder.

Additional Information

The location of kappris.ini has further implications in that it defines the locations of Kappris' Settings, Snapshot and XMLData folders.

If the path to kappris.ini is \\monteverdi\kupris\kappris.ini then the following folders will have locations:

Settings - \\monteverdi\kupris\Settings

Snapshot - \\monteverdi\kupris\Snapshot

XMLData - \\monteverdi\kupris\XMLData