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Creating a Duplex/Simplex Prin…
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Last modified on 10/4/2017 9:32 AM by User.

Creating a Duplex/Simplex Print Mode

Creating a print mode that will print the first page simplex and the rest duplex on the same paper type

Use KapprisIntegrationSplitMode.dotm (attached) – put this in Word Startup folder - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP

Create a Print Mode with 2 imprints – 1st imprint contains ‘[P1]’ in the name, 2nd imprint contains ‘[P2…]’ in the name (EXACTLY LIKE THAT!!!)

Kappris will treat the imprints as one print job but obey whatever settings are made within each one EG simplex for the first page and duplex for the rest.


Further notes:

Modified the attached macro to look for imprints with names containing the text "[p1]" for page 1 printing and "[p2...]" for printing page 2 to the end of section 999 or document which ever comes first.  This means that a print mode can be set up with two or more imprints to print the pages with simplex for the first page and duplex for the rest.

Note it will only look for this type of printing and set up the print ranges if the whole document is selected for printing (Print All Pages).  Otherwise it will print the whole selection via the multiple print modes not split the pages up.