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Creating a KeyGen licence for …
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Last modified on 2/15/2024 9:22 AM by User.

Creating a KeyGen licence for Kappris

Go to the keygen portal - and login with

Click on Groups in the left-hand panel and add a new Group using the client name for the name of the Group.

Click Submit to save the new Group.

Click on Users in the left-hand panel.
Add the name of the client contact and assign them to the Group that you created earlier, leaving the password blank:

Click Submit to save the new User.

Click Licenses in the left-hand panel.
Name the License, auto generate a key (click refresh), add an expiry date.
In the Relationships section, choose the Kutana Universal Policy, and associate the License with the Group and User that you created earlier, then click Submit.

Now click API tokens and add a new one, choosing a suitable name and linking it to the License that you have created:

Click Submit and copy the activation token that is presented to you. TAKE CARE OF THIS as you can't see it again once you close the window.

You have now successfully created a License and an activation token.

Those details need to be added to the client's kappris.ini file in their central Kappris share:

Account Id=77d327be-3ab9-403d-9ac1-f2bc0fd599c7 
License Id=aa8c95fd-0847-4e99-b68d-ad1b2a2da5d7
Activation Token=activ-87d9dfeb1c23b610123e490a9c2a79e9v3

Account Id is the same for all clients as it links to Kutana Licensing
License Id can be copied from the License that you created.

You can now open the Licensing Reporter and enter the number of seats purchased by the client.

Although the keygen dashboard lets you Edit licenses after they've been created, they left out the ability to edit the Seat Count. Fortunately, you can edit the seat count via REST calls, and that's what the License Reporter does.
seatsPurchased is metadata associated with a license. The Max Seat Ceiling value should be slightly larger than the seatsPurchased value, to give some headroom.
You can also edit Expiry Date and Max Seat Ceiling values using the License Reporter. 

Click the Submit button at the right-hand end of a row to confirm changes.

Message to customers for initial setup:

Kappris New Licensing System

From Kappris V2.5.6.xxxxx onwards we are using a new style license.

This means that once the initial setup has been completed there is no need for any further client intervention even when a license is changed or renewed.

In order to use the new system please start by copying the details below into the Kappris.ini file in your central Kappris share below any existing information,
and then replace the License Id and Activation Token strings with values that supplied values:

Account Id=77d327be-3ab9-403d-9ac1-f2bc0fd599c7
License Id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Activation Token=activ-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Each installation of Kappris will need to address the keygen website at so please whitelist that url if required.

In the unlikely event that you suspect a problem connecting to the above address, you can run this command file to test - It will output pingreport.txt to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp. Look for the line < HTTP/1.1 200 OK to confirm connectivity.

License validation is repeated at 14 day intervals with a TTL (time to live) of 28 days.

The license lease datafile is stored in the registry with parent key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Kutana or  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\brochet
Beneath that parent key is one or more Keys, each a 52-character hash string whose value is uniquely determined by the id of the licensed kutana/brochet product and the name of the current user.
The hashing algorithm is one-directional; there's no way of recovering the username from a hash.

Each hash Key has two child values:

  • Leasefile is a long string containing the lease on the current license. This gets renewed periodically, typically every few weeks. 
  • UsageCounter gets incremented when a license is validated by the kutana/brochet product, and the count gets rest when a license lease is renewed.