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Last modified on 6/8/2022 10:55 AM by User.

Send to WebViewer from iManage Setup

Installing the Kappris WebViewer Extension into iManage

Edit the IManage Server file IManage Server

Changing manifest.yaml and kutanawebviewer.yaml to reflect the webviewer server name.

Open Control Center in imanage and click on Applications under System Setup

Click add and upload the zip file that you edited above.

Now click on Client Setup – Web and context menus

The new Send to Kutana Web Viewer should appear at the bottom. If not click Add. You may need to delete an existing one if there are too many. Add it and move it to where you want it.


Adding a registry entry to open the WebViewer Client during Send to WebViewer from iManage

Double click IManage 10 Web Viewer ProtocolHandler.reg. This will add the required entries to the registry

Example: IManage 10 Web Viewer ProtocolHandler.reg

Editing the WebViewer Client settings

Edit Kappris.Spine.IManage10DocumentHandler.dll.config and kwcWebViewerIntegration.IManage10.DesktopClient.dll.config to reflect the iManage server location. These are both in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kutana\Web Viewer Client

Examples: Kappris.Spine.IManage10DocumentHandler.dll.config kwcWebViewerIntegration.IManage10.DesktopClient.dll.config

On the WebViewer Server

Install the Kappris WebViewer iManage10 Extension website and add bindings

Edit web.config in C:\Program Files (x86)\Kutana\Kappris WebViewer iManage10 Extension on the WebViewer server

Example: Web.config