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Kappris Signing using SQL Data…
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Kappris Signing using SQL Database

Setting up Kappris Signing Using an SQL DB



Script to install DB: KapprisWiscreate.sql
KapprisWIS application: KapprisWIS V2.3.2.13902 or later
Kappris V2.3.2.13906 or later
Kappris Workflow(s)
Word StartUp templates (KapprisSign.dotm & KapprisCustomisations.dotm)
AD group called Signature Users with test users as members.
An email account and SMTP server details
KapprisWIS batch file: KapprisWIS.bat

If Using SQL Express - configure for incoming connections by following the guide here

Create a new DB called KapprisWIS:

Open SQL Management Studio and r-click Databases. Choose ‘New Database’ and create a database called 'KapprisWIS' with default options.

Setup the database:

Open the script from File – Open - File

Execute the script.


Create new logins for the SQL server (in security section) and set up permissions:

R-click Security - Logins and choose 'New Login'

Search for the users/groups below and assign roles under User Mapping

Signature Users for the signing group created earlier - Public, and Execute roles ONLY
A Company Admin User (this is for the user who will be running the KapprisWIS.exe program) or perhaps use the Domain Admins Group - DataReader, DataWriter, Execute & Public roles.


Now R-click the KapprisWIS DB and choose Properties then click on Permissions as below and tick Execute for the Signature Users group.


Install KapprisWIS on a suitable server that can be used for editing the signing setup.

Connect KapprisWIS to the SQL database by editing the AppSettings.json file:

Open appsettings.json with NotePad from C:\Program files\Kutana\KapprisWISEditor changing the Server= line to point to the SQL server example below:


If an SQL instance is being used EG 'Kappris' then the server would be IW-Server2019\\Kappris (note the double \\ here).

Enter email account settings for an account that can send emails. This is for new user registrations and password reminders.

Run KapprisWIS and open the web page to configure users:

Use the KapprisWIS.bat file – double click to start the web page.

In a web browser, connect to localhost:5000. I suggest using Chrome as this always seems to work first time.

Default login is with password ‘Passw0rd’.

Add users for signing from Active Directory as below.

Click 'Check' and any users in the group 'Signature Users' who are not already in the database will be displayed.

Click Apply to bring them in.

Configure them with signatories and either signature images or full names. If the user has an image associated then we use that. If not then cursive text will be used based on their 'Full Name' field.

Edit Kappris.ini with the connection strings for the database.

Add a new section called KapprisWIS as below:

ADO.NET Connection String=Data Source=IW-Server2019;Initial Catalog=KapprisWIS;Integrated Security=SSPI;
ADO Connection String=Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=IW-Server2019;Initial Catalog=KapprisWIS;Integrated Security=SSPI;

If an SQL instance is being used EG 'Kappris' then the server would be IW-Server2019\Kappris (single \ this time).

Add the workflows to the Workflow folder in the central configuration and attach to Print Modes as required.

Add the StartUp templates to the Word StartUp folder (KapprisSign.dotm. and KapprisCustomisations.dotm)

When Word is reopened you should be able to choose a signatory from the drop-down menu in the Word ribbon provided that you are logged in as a user that was configured earlier.