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PrintSequencer Machine Spec
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PrintSequencer Machine Spec


The Kutana PrintSequencer is written in Microsoft .NET and runs better on a higher spec machine:

  • OS: Windows 7 x86 or x64, Windows Server 2003 or 2008 R2
  • RAM: 4 GB for x86, at least 4 GB for x64
  • 1 TB disk
  • Office 2010 or above
  • Adobe Reader 9 or above
  • …other printing apps, e.g. LaserForm.


  1. Whilst the PrintSequencer may work fine with other versions of printing apps installed, Kutana cannot guarantee consistent behaviour.
  2. The apps listed above can print documents created using earlier versions of these apps. So for instance you can still successfully submit for printing a Word 2003 document if you have Office 2013 installed on the PrintSequencer machine.
  3. If you are installing the OS and printing apps from scratch, make sure:
    • the OS is activated
    • the machine is properly part of the domain, so it is visible to and from other members of the domain
    • each printing app is activated
    • each printing app has been run at least once, giving you the opportunity to dismiss any first-time dialogs that may appear
    • you've printed a minimal document from each printing app
    • inside Outlook there is an email account associated with the user login, otherwise Outlook throws lots of config dialogs when it starts up
  4. The PrintSequencer machine is intended to run on its own dedicated machine. This is because as it runs the printing apps pop dialogs and such that would make it very hard to use the machine for anything else, and the risk would be that the user might accidentally dismiss the wrong dialog, spoiling someone else's print job. So a working pilot system will have two machines - one running the PrintSequencer, and the other a conventional user workstation with Kappris installed that submits jobs to the PrintSequencer.
  5. Bear in mind the PrintSequencer can only print a document if the appropriate authoring app is installed. So to automate the printing of CDR files you need to install CorelDRAW on the PrintSequencer machine.