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Last modified on 7/26/2011 10:53 AM by User.


Create a print mode that uses the Booklet option

Create a new print mode

So we now create a print mode in the usual way and, very sensibly, we call it "Booklet"


Don't forget to set the Selector on the Advanced tab to "outlook" if you want this print mode to be available in Outlook. If you do not do this the print mode will not appear in Outlook. All print modes appear in Word, regardless of the Selector content.

On clicking OK you will be asked to define the first (and only) imprint in this print mode:

Set the usual options for paper etc and then select "Booklet" in the Special drop-down. Notice two things when you do this:

  • The duplex option becomes disabled. This is because, when we defined this feature option, we said duplex could not be changed.
  • The matching printer profiles drop-down turns red. This is because none of our printers knows how to deal with this feature option yet.

Next - Tell Kappris how to turn on Booklet printing for printers that support it