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Last modified on 7/25/2011 4:27 PM by User.


Tell Kappris how to turn on Booklet printing for printers that support it

Now we need to tell our printer how to implement this Kappris feature called "Booklet".

Firstly find a printer profile for a printer that you know can print booklets.

In our case we are going to use our RICOH Aficio MP5000 so we find it amongst our printer profiles and show the properties of the profile. The tab we need is the Features tab - we must make sure Special is ticked or we cannot use any Special feature option with this profile.

Now that's done we can go to the Options tab and select our Special - Booklet option.

We are going to tell Kappris how to activate booklet printing on this printer. What we will do is 'show' Kappris how to turn on the required option and Kappris will save what we have shown it as a "Snapshot". Currently the red message panel is telling us that the Snapshot is "NOT FOUND", which is logical because we haven't shown Kappris yet.


You can only perform the next steps if you are working on a machine which can 'see' the required printer. This is because Kappris makes use of the specific printer driver to pop up dialogs.

If you click the 'record' button, Kappris will pop up the properties of the profile's example printer. In our case this is called "RICOH MP5000" but you could be using any suitable printer, regardless of manufacturer and model. The properties dialog is actually provided by the printer driver so, unless you are also using a Ricoh Aficio MP5000, your dialog will probably look completely different.

Turn on Booklet printing in whatever way your printer driver requires you to do so, then click OK. Kappris will take a snapshot of what you have done, the message panel will go green and display the word "AVAILABLE" and both the "Use snapshot" and "Special - Booklet" will now be ticked.

So the Ricoh Aficio MP5000 profile now knows how to activate the Kappris feature option called "Booklet".


Kappris has absolutely no idea whether you showed it correctly how to activate the Booklet option. If you showed it hole-punching instead then this is exactly what Kappris will tell the printer to do whenever you ask for Booklet. To check, you can use the 'play back' button to see if Kappris is selecting the option you really wanted.

Click OK to save what you have done.

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